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How An Estate Plan Can Protect Your Family Financially

Estate planning can be a hard topic to think about but is absolutely necessary if you want to protect your family after your death. The alternative is leaving your loved ones with a huge headache and possibly leaving them to make difficult decisions in a heightened emotional state. Taking care of the basics before your passing will allow for peace of mind all around in the event of your death. Let’s go through the first steps of protecting your family financially.

Guardianship and Conservatorship: What’s The Difference and Does My Loved One Need One?

When a loved one is struggling to care for themselves, family and friends often wonder what their options are to help. Mental illness, old age, and physical ailments are all reasons an individual might need long term care. While coming to that decision may not be easy, taking the legal steps to protect your loved one’s well being may be necessary.

What Is The New VA Claims System And How Does It Affect Veterans?

The previous VA Appeals system, now referred to as the Legacy system, only featured one option for appealing a VA decision while the new AMA system features three. The Legacy system was consistently backlogged and unable to keep up with the growing amount of appeals per year. This was causing an unsatisfactory amount of time for Veterans waiting to hear back about their appeals process. There was no time frame in place for reaching a final decision and Veterans would sometimes wait years before their appeal was handled.

Probate and Estate: What’s The Process When Someone Passes Away?

Probate is the process of proving a will in court. When a person passes away with a will, it has to be legally accepted by a court of law before the items in the will can be carried out as described. This process is in place to ensure the deceased’s creditors and heirs receive their proper debts and inheritances. Creating a will is strongly encouraged because if a person passes away without a will, Georgia law has authority to distribute the assets as they see fit.