2016 Edition

Autumn is has arrived! Football and Tailgates are in full swing, and the holidays are drawing near.  Our family at the Success Firm wish you a prosperous and joyful season. We’re excited to see what lays ahead.

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The Success Firm, LLC has opened its doors to serve the Metro Atlanta area. With offices located in Decatur and Jonesboro, we focus on family law, workers’ compensation, and probate litigation, along with a variety of other practice areas such as estate planning. You can read more about the Success Firm, LLC by going to its newly launched website, thesuccessfirm.com.

Attorney Aisha L. Success initially formed the Success Firm, LLC in October of 2014 to provide quality, client-centered legal assistance to individuals in need. Shortly thereafter, Attorney Boykin Edwards began working with the firm in an Of Counsel capacity. The Success Firm brings a host of knowledge and experience to serve their clients. Attorney Success is a licensed member of both the South Carolina and Georgia State Bars, as well as a registered neutral with the State of Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution.

The Success Firm, LLC is committed to helping clients with matters related to co-parenting, will disputes, family planning, marriage dissolution, guardianships, powers of attorney, and work injuries. The firm’s lawyers and staff will work closely with each client to ensure highly personalized, accessible, and responsive representation is provided. If you or a family member is in need of assistance in the Metro-Atlanta area, please contact our office at 404-228-3364. Experienced attorneys are standing by to answer your questions. We look forward to serving you.

4 Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy Co-parenting Relationship

Being a part of a blended family is a new American norm. However, learning how to be a cohesive unit, and parent apart can be difficult.  Although co-parenting can sometimes be a challenge, they are certain things both parents can do to ease the stress.  Here are a few tips to aide both parents in making your blended family work:

Cooperation:  In order to make co-parenting work, there must be some level of teamwork between parents.   It is inevitable for parents to have a difference in opinion over some topics, like bedtime or your child’s diet, but arguing over these topics can often times become more of an issue than what you started with.  A winning co-parenting plan will acknowledge differences in parenting styles and seek compromises and solutions so that arguments are more avoidable.

Expect Change: Change is unavoidable during a divorce.  While apprehension towards change is expected, it cannot be avoided indefinitely.   Walking into new situations with a positive outlook will help you ease into the new situation more comfortably.  Also, it is likely that your calm disposition will ease things for your kids and even your co-parent.  Winning co-parenting plans will outline how several changes will take place, so be thorough when developing yours.

Fixing a schedule: A parenting schedule is an important part of your parenting plan because it will note how often your children will be spending time with each parent.   A winning co-parenting plan will take every family member’s schedule into consideration, not only the child’s.  Formulate a schedule that allows each parent to spend time with the child yet also leaves room for each parent to focus on rebuilding their own personal lives. Try to stick to your regular schedule as much as possible to give your child a sense of stability as they get used to the new routine.

Financial correspondence: Often times, children will not directly recognize a difference in economics from one parent’s home to the other, but they will feel it in other ways.   A winning co-parenting plan takes economic correspondence into consideration.  When considering child support payments, settle on a parenting budget for both households and calculate your support payments accordingly.